Hand scraped bamboo flooring in StrongsvilleThe right flooring can give your home warmth and character, regardless of whether it was built in 1916 or 2016. For example, hand-scraped wood flooring has a rustic, natural look and feel due to its uneven texture. This texture is what sets hand-scraped flooring apart from other wood floors.

Strongsville homeowners that want floors with personality may enjoy the unique look of hand-scraped hardwood. Here are some more things to know about hand-scraped floors, from our experts at Floor Coverings International Cleveland Southwest:

All About Hand-Scraped Flooring

The term “hand-scraped” refers back to an old-fashioned way of turning wood into flooring planks. Before machine-made flooring, woodworkers had to use a special knife to scrape and smooth wood planks. This gave the wood an uneven, textured surface, in contrast to the smooth hardwood planks usually seen today.

These days, the term “hand-scraped” refers more to the look than the process itself. Modern hand-scraped flooring may be produced by a woodworker’s hand or by a machine, but both versions will have the same textured, scraped finish.

Hand-scraped flooring is available in a wide variety of wood species (and even eco-friendly alternatives like bamboo). Plus, it comes in both solid and engineered planks to suit your needs. Just talk to our experts to find the right wood, stain, and plank width for your home. No matter what you choose, your hand-scraped floors will likely be finished with urethane, a thick, clear coating that adds durability and protects the surface from everyday wear. Like all hardwood flooring, hand-scraped floors are a good value for their classic look and long-lasting durability.

To see hand-scraped hardwood floors in your own Strongsville home, call Floor Coverings International Cleveland Southwest to schedule a free consultation. Our experts are happy to show you hand-scraped flooring, distressed wood flooring, and other unique product samples from our mobile showroom. We look forward to working with you!

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Photo Credit: Kunal Mehta