White oak hardwood floors in StrongsvilleOak is the most common type of hardwood flooring in the country, but there are many reasons for its ubiquity. Oak is a domestic species that is readily available and affordable for Strongsville homeowners, but it is also a very durable hardwood with a pleasingly classic look.

There are two types of oak flooring: red oak and white oak. Though they are comparable in price and durability, they differ in appearance (as the names might suggest). If you’re interested to know more about white oak, here are some insider tips from Floor Coverings International Cleveland Southwest:

White Oak Flooring: Things to Consider

  • White oak is the lighter of the two oak varieties. It tends to have gray or beige undertones, making it a neutral and versatile choice for a variety of homes. Like red oak, white oak also has a pronounced grain pattern that may or may not appeal to homeowners.
  • White oak happens to be one of the toughest domestic hardwoods available. On the Janka scale, it rates at 1360 – slightly higher than red oak. This means that white oak stands up well to everyday activity. Of course, like all hardwoods, it may be scratched by furniture legs, kids’ toys, or pets’ claws. But white oak floors will last for decades, and they can always be refinished to make them look new again.
  • White oak flooring receives stains well, so you can always customize its color to your personal taste. Though white oak is naturally light in color, you could choose to stain it to a bolder or darker hue. Just be sure to note that long-term sun exposure can alter the color of oak floors.

If white oak flooring sounds like the right choice for you, then give us a call and schedule a free consultation! Our Floor Coverings International Cleveland Southwest team will help you choose the perfect product for your Strongsville home.

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